Prasaga — New model with open blockchain and parallel transaction processing.

Blockchain technology is considered the “key” for digital transformation and building a future information technology platform in the wave of industrial revolution 4.0. So what is Blockchain technology? And what are the practical applications? Blockchain is a technology of storing and transmitting data information by blocks (blocks) linked together and expanding over time. Each block contains information about initialization time and is linked with previous blocks. Blockchain is considered as the accounting ledger operating in the digital field. Blockchain owns a lot of independent nodes capable of authenticating information in data transmission without requiring an intermediary to confirm information. Besides, Blockchain is designed to resist changing data when a Blockchain chain is managed by a decentralized network. Data already written to a block cannot be changed without changes on adjacent blocks. In other words, information in the Blockchain cannot be changed and only added with the consensus of all nodes in the system. So this is a highly secure and secure system against the possibility of data theft. Even if part of the Blockchain system collapses, other computers and nodes will continue to protect information and keep the network running.

However, with some blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, too many projects are built on top of it, resulting in limitations in the processing of transaction speed and user accessibility. These shortcomings in data processing speed require a new technology solution that integrates blockchain features while optimizing features to increase processing speed and protect data for projects and models business when wanting to develop on a blockchain platform. Prasaga was born with the mission of solving problems of data exchange and speeding up blockchain technology.

About Prasaga

Prasaga is a new on-chain coin development project and chain. It’s the next step up in blockchain with features that can break existing barriers and the data warehouses the business model creates and open up global access. The project aims to a future where data will help improve people’s quality of life, democratic, secure and private.
Open decentralized access
Optimal scaling to release the transaction speed needed for the present and the future
Personalization controls to ensure personal democratic freedoms and data privacy
The DGB is designed for the general purposes of blockchain that encompass cryptocurrencies and business relationship models from simple to complex and globally scalable. The DGB is not, however, a smart contract executed on top of any other existing blockchain technology.

Salient features Prasaga

During this time, Prasaga will continue to work with Layer 1 technology as we have done for the past 3 years and at some point it will catch up, maybe a supply chain demo that we will release later. April 3 will drive a growing, game-changing interest for all blockchains. Prasaga designed the further development of the blockchain architecture to reward the ecosystem of contributors. In addition, in Prasaga’s roadmap, there are two different commitments to DeFi. The first was in the 12-month DeFi Liquidity Pool campaign, announced in the previous message. And the second participation in the DeFi market is the optimal basic infrastructure for DeFi to transact.

The DataGrid Blockchain (DGB) consensus protocol combines two protocols, Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that allows custom and distributed blockchains to run in parallel and from there can process all transactions in parallel while maintaining Bitcoin level security.
DGB is envisioned as a general purpose blockchain, a “horizontal” infrastructure technology, we believe its first use cases are Internet-of-Things applications and “Fintech” applications. “. In both cases, the ability to create and track complex business relationships and business logic in an open, but secure way are fundamental requirements.
The Extended Block Chain Object Model (XBOM) uses the “first class” object model to instantiate classes on the DGB, loading the code for the classes. XBOM designed a bottom-up system to promote code inheritance and enable exponential improvement. Since XBOM explicitly uses the code already loaded on the DGB, the chances for individual code errors are significantly reduced and the carrying of the XBOM object is clearly stored in each user’s account state.
The XBOM architecture will provide many additional functions that are not supported by existing Smart Contracts. In the XBOM structure, each account is essentially its own virtual world, where all assets and data are under its own control. This allows for an open, permissionless blockchain ecosystem and private chain.
XBOM allows accounts to hold assets or digitally in accounts on the blockchain.


The DGT isn’t a ERC20 token, but support the concept of and Smart Contract. The $DGT are going to be an ERC20 token during the DeFi liquidity pool campaign, you’re correct within the incontrovertible fact that the native $DGT token are going to be its own code and NOT ERC20. There’ll be a conversion from the DGT-ERC token to the Native $DGT upon launch of Mainnet. Prasaga don’t and can not support Smart Contracts on the DataGrid Blockchain, that’s sooooo 2018. Prasaga’ve upgraded the old stale static and non-scalable Blockchain to an Object-Oriented Blockchain with a Decentralized GlobalOS. This enables developers to make apps and users to participate within the ecosystem without having to understand anything about the underlying technology. The diference between the 2 tokens, $ETH may be a store useful (another digital gold) and therefore the $DGT may be a global stabilized currency supported in the interior blockchain economy.



So I have introduced to you a summary of Prasaga, the analysis of the project for the community to refer to and learn more deeply, so we will not be responsible for any problems encountered in the process investment submission. Any investment opportunity also has certain potential risks, so we hope everyone can carefully consider each investment decision to get the highest probability of success. Prasaga is a project founded by a team of members experienced in the field of developing and operating blockchain technology start-up projects such as VPN, MPLS,… showing product development capabilities and the feasibility of the project.

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